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The Olive wood Baton.

Read a little, see a little.

Read a little, see a little.

The Sunburst Revolution.                                                                         

The incoming questions at the moment are:-

-Has the Brexit vote helped to re kindle the possibility of bloodshed in Ireland?                                                                                    

-Has the visit by the US president (to celebrate the signing of the Good Friday Agreement) really helped maintain and bring about an ongoing peace?

Despite making the charm noises showing inclinations for there to be peace in Ireland, was it tinged by an obvious conditioned bitterness handed down to him and brought forward from the distant past?.

Lest we forget to hate? Lest we forget to divide?                                                                                  

Answer from Casa Mayor-

As individuals that have been touching upon what we may find to be Spiritual Intelligence, could this not be an example of the continual drop kicking of the past into the future with slight modifications, still always having the potential of re igniting conflict?  Regarding the ongoing use of the phrase “Power Sharing!”, is it not about time it was replaced perhaps by a term such as ‘The Sharing of Administration’?                                                                                                                     

Surely now is the time and the opportunity for the psychological history board to be wiped clean?


The Sunburst Revolution.

And is it not true that there continues to be separate religious belief schools, separate bus stops for separate religious beliefs and separate public houses for separate religious beliefs? Could it not be true that all these Heaven Beliefs in which we have been conditioned have been the cause of conflict back to the beginning of recorded history? Could it not be like expecting a Heaven Egg to hatch that is within the confines of a nest that has to be guarded? Is not all this guarding a bit too close to nature to touch upon a mind that is ( Potentially Universal?)        

Casa Mayor.    

We will come back to the Question regarding the Brexit vote being a criminal injustice perpetrated by political power mongers, that will never need to answer to the possible fact that their scheming may cost lives,  because the population voted for them to have Power over them.                                                                                                            

But, as has been said, we must make use of all that is going on in the world to allow a mind to bring to itself the compassion to expand beyond teeth grinding politics and enclosed organized speculation to make sure we are not creating the other side to the same coin.                                                      

We are here to become well, because we are all not very well it’s time we all stopped opening our minds to welcome unwellness?                                                          

It is a perfect world - we will use it either to nourish our individual spirituality or to poison it?

The world with its technology etc is now a very Small and Condensed place, if we don’t wish it to be blown apart we will perhaps see there is a need to begin to Water Down our different conditioned psychological dependencies and see for our Individual Selves that, we may well be simply very happy with our freedom on the outside of an amour plated nest?                                                                                                                                         Should our mind not expand beyond the many labels we have had allocated to our different breeding enclosures?  

 Ireland is a most amazing place full of creativity, what better place to begin to pass the olive wood baton to the rest on the world.

The Sunburst Revolution.

So if we have the young and the fertile mind of any age.                                    If enough of us will get this out there and arrange to come together into making a brilliant technicolour psychedelic ongoing statement, it will reverberate across the entire world. Then, with The Power of the Flower, begin walking backwards and forwards en mass in a harmless manner across the invisible border to help bring the border (that should not exist) to an end and, within six weeks, be again a part of a united Europe and from there the world - it can be done! There is nothing else to do?

None of this has to do with greed - it has to do with need! It seems there are many young and ever young minds in Europe and throughout the entire world that will be in mind, body and spirit to give support and make this a reality with speed.  Let it be the beginning of the second movement, the real Sunburst Revolution. Let the Power of the Flower lay gently to rest The Power of the Power Monger. If we see with clarity, we will make it happen ­– it is for the world!

The Sunburst Revolution

Have we created a world where we might finally become sane?           

When we vote, should we not be consciously aware of our reason behind the energy level we project onto who and what we vote for? How many of us are aware that we might well be being encouraged to project our    energy onto politicians who are not very well and whose manipulations of power could well cost lives? So, surely we should be aware that we are not voting for film stars and celebrities, we vote for people we know to be not very honest. Why is it that we can’t wait to embrace them and shake their hands? Is it not terribly important that, at this moment in time, we bring an end to this Genitalia Voting? and begin seeing with clarity?

 Should we not, in this day and age, be voting for people to administer and not indulge in the manipulation of the minds of people? And become  representatives of the people of the world in a clean and completely purely honest way?                                                                                               

Politics  is not show business, although they will have you believe it is! Listen to some of the lies, methods and terms used to get into Power.  These people compete with one another for the control of the public purse, which in the future, should be the world purse?                                                                                                                                       

Casa Mayor, as a reminder -                                                                                             

The first cylinder we fire on is survival. The second cylinder we fire on is sexual. The third cylinder we fire on is power. These three levels of consciousness are animal.

We may see the fourth cylinder is compassion. Compassion is not an emotion the mind has expanded beyond sentimentality. It is seeing with clarity sympathy and understanding, evil is seen as gross ignorance. It is the beginning of  unfolding vision that cannot be framed.

Most people only fire on the first three cylinders. We become human as the light begins to touch upon fourth cylinder.   

 The colloquial street level term that sums up what is locked within the first three cylinders would be “Its all Bollocks!”or “A load of bollocks!”.             

We may come to see bad language is not the spoken word, it is the energy behind the spoken word.


Casa Mayor

The second movement is the real thing, the first movement was the rehearsal.

Casa Mayor will hopefully remain as the hub of the wheel in the quest of unfolding Spiritual Intelligence. But we may need help and support with The Sunburst Revolution.                           


 It needs mentioning that, in the 60s, there were spring-loaded Gurus bobbing up, ‘guruing’ all over the place. All one needed was a night shirt, a head of long hair, a beard and a row of beads and a smattering of clairvoyance and you’re in business with donations and genitalia energy flying left right and centre, all projected from a captivated audience with flowers cast in your direction.                                                                                                                  

We’re mentioning this in case the bobbing Gurus reappear. Casa Mayor is here to remind us that we are our own Guru and to keep our feet firmly on the ground before allowing our head to be transported into the clouds. It is up to us! This should be the beginning of the second movement, the first being the rough rehearsal.

There are no Gurus at Casa Mayor - it is like a loose fitting garment of ordinariness, there for all that wish to use it and have the intention to unfold, even Gurus to evolve. What comes out of Casa Mayor comes from  a place and not a person. It has been called a place of Spiritual Anarchy perhaps because the true meaning behind the word Anarchy is for everybody to take responsibility for their actions and care for and look after one another. This is the intention behind The Sunburst Revolution.

If we have taken from the world, we must give back to the World. Consciousness does go on after death as does the outcome of our actions.

If we can leave the world a better place, if we see truth in what is written, let us not use it to be clever or important with. It comes from a place, not a person, and belongs to everyone.                                                                                             Let us always keep emptying our box of cleverness!                                                                                                                                                    



An excellent description of  his own personal take on First Movement that took place in the 60s is in the in box from an Ordained Buddhist from the Triratna Buddhist Order, a frequent visitor to Casa Mayor and one who realizes motive behind and the importance of  Casa Mayor always being there just as place for all with an enquiring mind to touch upon



Casa Mayor –

We who have visited Casa Mayor over the past few years have come to appreciate and love it as a beautiful yoga centre, a lovely place to come and relax with like-minded people and to be received in kindness and good friendship. Long may that continue so and the centre thrive.


It should come as no surprise that the spirit that we sense there when we go has, as its foundation, a greater vision.


Casa Mayor was originally conceived as a place open to all, a place to unfold, expand and evolve spiritually, somewhere where people can come to practice yoga and much more – spiritual healing, therapy, music and joy, a place simply to come to for meditation and contemplation.


The Age of Aquarius –

World events over the past 50 years seem to have shifted the human race in the wrong direction. Ideals of harmony and growth after the horrors of the Second World War began to blossom beautifully and it was believed that we were indeed ‘at the dawning of the age of Aquarius’. This term embodied so much hope and, for a brief period, it seemed as though it was beginning to be realised.


The vision of Casa Mayor was born during that optimistic time.


Those who genuinely experienced that first dawning can tell of an upsurge in freedom, music, colour, the arts and pockets of worldwide harmony. Young people of the timewould set off for India rather than settle for a conventional lifestyle. National boundaries became blurred. Class differences didn’t seem to matter. Different states of consciousness were explored. Hopes were high.


But history has a nasty habit of swinging back and forth and too soon the pendulum swung back then other way. Greater wisdom and guidance was needed to sustain that dawning but was sadly lacking and it seemed as though this new Age of Aquarius got cold feet. Or maybe it was too vulnerable and it got crushed.


The decades that followed became times of increasing division and materialism. Nuclear warfare threatened and, although it never happened, the traumatic effect of the threat on people was considerable. This was followed by various forms of Nationalism with right-wing thinking and authoritarian governments. Next up was Materialism – the ‘me’ generation.


But its very interesting that, out of the ashes (so to speak) of the initial dawning, there were still embers that glowed. Millions baulked against nuclear proliferation and, in their coming together, rekindled something of that dawning. Activism arose as Greenpeace took to the seas in an effort to physically prevent nuclear testing and the sinking of ‘The Rainbow Warrior’ in New Zealand in 1975 was both a dark moment and a symbolic one for many, triggering a heartfelt “no” worldwide.Others took to the land with self-sufficiency and ‘off-grid’ living rather than be submerged by the tide of madness drowning the world.


The late George Harrison in 1997 described the world as being “in the control of mad people, people who are crazy and greedy” ( and in the same interview gives us his version of what we’ll describe below as ‘Spiritual Intelligence’ and, in doing so, shows that, beneath all the madness, something very very good prevails and that the Age of Aquarius may be dimmed but is by no means extinguished.


Responding to that ‘candle in the darkness’, the flame can be fanned and Casa Mayor is ready to play its part in that.

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