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The Age of Aquarius

A brief history of Casa Mayor — or why it happened

Casa Mayor was born in and of a moment in time: round two of the Age of Aquarius.

The dawning of the first round was celebrated in the previous millennium, during the 1960s.

In fact, Casa Mayor drew on the legacy of the 1960s in more ways than one — in form as well as in essence. While the purchase and ongoing renovation of the land and buildings were financed through the sale of 60s clothing and memorabilia, the liberating spirit of the 60s lives on in this eco-friendly parkland for spirituality. This is a place open to all, a place to unfold, expand and evolve spiritually. The Casa Mayor of the future will provide a haven of tranquility, with further areas for meditation and contemplation. When and if circumstances allow, Casa Mayor will be somewhere any of us can go to practise spiritual healing, therapy and exercise, as well as Yoga, whatever our beliefs, label or persuasion.

It was felt strongly that there was a need to leave to the world a place without label, a place of spiritual unfoldment which will hopefully be in place for milleniums.

The Age of Aquarius is now.

One world united

We appear to be standing at the dawn of a new age, one that offers us the possibility of strength and a vision of the bigger picture. It is up to us as individuals to allow ourselves to see whether there is basic universal truth in what we are beginning to unfold here together — in a way that is direct and down to earth. It is possible that in the near future this will actually help install the foundation of an expanded state of human awareness, which in turn will help bring about the completion and unification of the world.

It is time for us to call upon the wisdom of the young and the not so young, to see with clarity the outcomes of our past actions, including the current worldwide pandemic. While the pandemic has plunged the entire world into a state of sorrow, tossing ordinary people across the globe into the same leaky boat, it has also the opportunity to observe people willingly and openly reaching out to help each other, across artificial as well as natural frontiers, as our species strives to bring under control the threat to all our health.

But there is an even more important battle, one that — although a tiny minority insist on sweeping it under the carpet — is already having a devastating effect on all forms of life in the world, and requires a concerted global response from all humans: the absolutely devastating effects of climate change.

It is imperative we and all forms of life have a healthy world in which to evolve socially and expand spiritually.

The world is now small enough. It has shrunk in keeping with this moment in time. We have no excuses: everything, our very survival, is up to us.

It is up to us to unfold the clarity of vision that exists inside us all. If we can re-balance ourselves, we can re-balance the world. If we re-balance the world, we re-balance ourselves.The two cannot be separated.

The irrefutable evidence of the destruction of natural habitats worldwide, from poles to deserts to ocean floors, the extinction of species, the huge-scale human and animal suffering should be more than enough to shake us into action. Increasing togetherness is imperative in order for us to reach out around the planet to arrest climate change. The human mind must be released from man-made systems in which conflict and the gross exploitation of all life forms, including one another, are merely the price we pay for greed. If we are not part of the solution then we are very much part of the problem.

The placid world patriot

As living creatures temporarily sharing this world, we are duty-bound to spread this message. This must be done with care at times, with subtlety where necessary, so as not to put at risk the many people throughout the world living under the yoke of oppression. Climate activists are continually targeted, often criminalised, by large for-profit corporations and the governments that serve them. We must remember, to have the human form to evolve with is a most precious thing, and sometimes just a whisper of truth in an unblocked ear can ring out across the world.

Now is the time for us to see the need for us to unfold and examine spiritual intelligence itself:

  • a human mind that has expanded beyond any form of control by a speculative enclosure or compulsion from the past and into the future;

  • an intelligence expanded beyond a reliance and dependence on speculation

We envisage a world in which children are not locked into a labelled enclosure that infects them with a them-against-us syndrome. In a world, where the young receive guidance to help them walk a straight line in the world. Giving them the freedom to choose their own future when the time comes, built on a solid foundation of honesty and truth.

This all should help us to see clearly the need beyond the greed, for worldwide awareness and citizenship to begin to unfold stage by stage. Eventually, we may see the need for a single worldwide language that will be spoken as a global mother tongue, which might also help release us from the need for an emotional attachment to some distant past.

The mind of the world sees no point in borders of any kind, and so ends the need to seek refuge.

An expanded individual mind allows the barriers of class, gender, colour, creed, religion, politics and national enclosures to fall away on the backwash of clarity of vision and sympathetic understanding. This mind will bring into existence the bedrock of an administered world sufficiency — a world in which all people have their basic needs for comfort met and consequently the freedom to evolve.

With the passing of time, more and more of us are beginning to comprehend the primary need  - that a complete world must come first. And if you then wish it, the yacht comes later.

If we begin to see clearly that there are unbendable truths in what is written here, universal truths beyond mere individual opinion, then please let us not in any way or form use it to boost self-importance or show off cleverness. Everything factual expressed here belongs to everyone and anyone who wishes to see it.

None of this, then, will have anything at all to do with ambition —never to be used for self-aggrandisement. To misuse it would mean our vision is not complete. Because self-promotion and the promotion of the collective can so easily perpetuate rather than bring an end to conflict and bloodshed.

Knowing with the head falls short — it is not the same as knowing with the heart. We may in fact realise that the heart is more than just an organ; it is a monitor for our spiritual merit from life to life. This is something we actually already know, although usually not consciously — think of terms like good hearted, kind hearted, heartless, heart of stone and so on.

Spiritual intelligence has little to do with the measurement of cerebral cleverness.

And so, building upon what we may come to see as an unbendable truth, we will no longer be influenced to project our emotions onto somebody on some platform, commercial, political or religious, be it by way of the forceful rant or the gentle voice of persuasion with phrases like “my children” or “my people”.

Let us be wary! Encouraging people to worship — men, gods or flags — has cost countless lives and continues to do so. We may feel the need to liberate ourselves through awareness. To paraphrase a familiar idea, there is no business like the head believing show business is the real business! Delusions in the head — the false importance of being important. And let us remember that gratitude and appreciation are not worship.

We are not trying to drive people away from their communities, but might psychological independence from the chosen group in fact allow the mind to loosen up on a conditioned dependency from the past? Are we not already familiar with dependencies that so easily can spark offence and indignance ­— and fan the flames right out of our control?

We can easily become the bad apple. By name but not by nature.

Head cleverness is not something we take with us when we go, but the outcome of good and bad action is.

We are not doing this to exchange one psychological dependency for another, but to be free from emotional and imaginary dependencies, beyond that of the world and one another — spiritual merit gained or lost.

Nobody should be left to fire on one cylinder as being an imperative. Therefore being vulnerable to exploitation by those of us that fire on only three cylinders?

We are using the term cylinders as a graspable analogy. A metaphor to do with the internal combustion engine it may help us to see how simple this thing actually is.

The first three cylinders are animal. The first cylinder is to have enough nourishment for basic comfort. A pack of wild dogs will bring down a kill. The strongest dog will have first choice from the kill, which is power — the third cylinder. If they have that basic comfort they will want to breed (the second cylinder). The top dog, which is the third cylinder again, will have the choice of all the females. But the top dog’s time in power is limited while there are up and coming younger dogs, and when his time comes it could very well cost him his life. Animals cannot touch upon the fourth cylinder, compassion, although they can be clever, kind and protective, and should never ever be ill-treated and should be protected. They are part of us and depend upon us.

For the most part, we as people are far more clever and manipulative in making use of the first three cylinders, and most of us still only fire on those first three cylinders. Some of us with plenty, some getting by.

Unlike animals we make deals with one another for our security. If we are okay with the first, it opens us up to the second and then either deals with the third or the bullying assertions to lay claim to the power the third brings. So, many of us that have locked all within those three cylinders out of the insecurity of security, grabbing at the things on the outside to answer the problems on the inside.

If we stopped trying to feel secure, we would realise insecurity and security do not exist anyway.

There are places in the world where the first-cylinder, the need to survive is crucial, which as we have said leaves one vulnerable to exploitation.This is where deals with the first and second are done: the many forms of abuse and exploitation of our world’s natural resources, sexual tourism, all potentials for third-cylinder exploitation and abuse by those of us firing with comfort on only the three cylinders.

There are still amongst us places both near and far where the pain and suffering of life at that level is too often seen as being of no importance, even in being of psychological comfort by many of us living comfortably within the first three cylinders, especially in the direction of those living under a different label.

Why beyond practical convenience do we need to live under a label?

We should not make comparisons or draw conclusions other than practical ones, we each one of us create our own world around ourselves, some expanded and some not so expanded. This has not to do with our possessions or what we have outside ourselves.

The fourth cylinder is compassion, which is not really a full emotion.The mind is rational, the vision is expanded, and a far bigger world can be seen. Kindness for kindness’ sake. Perhaps this is love?

And also it is not sentimentality, sentimentality we may come to see as the second cylinder and breeding energy, and has two major sides. Put loosely, one side is stroking; the other side is poking. It can encompass acts of uncontrolled violence and cruelty. Compassion is not the energy that we would project onto our collection of teddy bears.

Second-cylinder energy is loving and tender but can easily be the violent defending of the nest, the breeding grounds, the zone, the label, our faith speculations, our love, our adoration. And could it be the energy we are encouraged to project onto our gods and god people? It is the energy that makes animals guard their young until interest is lost as the young get older and then they get rid of them so they can once more renew that billing and cooing sensation.

This second-cylinder energy is the expansion and contraction of all life. What rises up must fall away to make room for what rises up again. It is the trunk of the tree of all addiction.

There are trillions upon trillions of orgasms each second. It is the vibration of creativity. The universal pulse.

Compassion is where energy becomes lighter and therefore more expansive. We are beginning to lose the self, the picture is getting much bigger and the vision is expanding beyond the first three cylinders, therefore beyond the collective. We are beginning to lose the enclosed self as the mind expands towards reality. There is sympathetic understanding —we are emerging from out of the confusion. The coin is balanced on its edge, both sides are in the light. We are seeing what many call evil as various shades of the darkness of ignorance.

So very often when we use terms like human nature what we are really referring to is animal nature.

We may now see for ourselves that as human beings there is the need for a reversal in roles. In other words, the inducement and initiation of sexual experiences must in no uncertain terms be instigated by the female, or feminine gender, and taken lightly because in some parts of the world we are free and comfortable with our sexuality. But this is not so throughout the world. Unfolding one united world freedom —would that not be the gentle push needed to liberate so many people? Is it not part and parcel?

We have been conditioned within those first three cylinders for the male to guard the nest and from there the breeding zone, like animals do.

With our own artificial intelligence we have created enough artificial intelligence to destroy the planet, in the quest for safe breeding zones. So If we can do that, then we can create sufficient creative intelligence to repair the harm we are all guilty of doing to our world.

We do need to find out here where we each one of us ourselves are at, as that is our starting point. What is written should be seen as more of a series of questions than answers.

The words written above are harmless. We are not saying it is true — only is it?

Let us watch our reactions to the possible examples that ignorance can cause!

If you would wish for us all to continue with further pages, please let us know.


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