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A Collective Question - The Takeaway Vote! (Brexit)

We must say thank you to all who, over time, participated in putting together such an overall question on what has become known as ‘The Takeaway vote’.

From a background of speaking (as we have) of one world citizenship, one language, a world in harmony, let us ask:-

Q. Should the UK have remained part of a united Europe?

In a nut shell:

Because many people felt then, and many more feel now, especially the young mind, that the Brexit referendum was immoral and should have been illegal and was brought into being by what has proven to be a dishonest political party.

80% of young people felt their opinions were ignored by Politicians. Was that in case it interfered with the politicians own plans?

So when freedom is blustered about, is that the Freedom that was taken away from the vast majority of young in mind people on the backwash of lies!

If after reading this in full one becomes a Brexit Mindchanger (ie. voted in favour of Brexit but have now changed their mind), we may find it is better to stand and be counted and say it rather than to sweep it under the carpet, and then with the openness in doing so, reach out and help give back what has been taken away.                                                                            

The only thing we take with us when we go is the outcome of our actions in the world.                                                                                                                                                                      

Did they not vote to take away the freedom of young in mind people?  


When the then PM made a speech trumpeting that the freedom to vote for Brexit was the same freedom that the Ukraine war is being fought for, was that:-

1. The freedom to take away the identity of the people that felt themselves as being European? 2. The freedom to take away their European Passport?

3. The freedom to live work and put down roots within the vast boundaries of the EU?

4. The freedom for so many businesses to operate unencumbered across the channel?

5. The freedom for EU workers to work in the UK

6. The Freedom to take away people’s livelihoods?                             

7. The Freedom to be able to drive a car in the EU without the need for an EU license?               8. The Freedom to access an EU functioning health service that in many cases is second to none?                                                                                                                        

9. Apart from Scotland, how many Remainer's had experienced a violent reaction from the ‘Democratic’ Brexit voters for putting a poster in one’s window saying ‘Vote Remain’?

10. How many of those actually felt compassion after that sad murder of an MP for being a ‘remain advocate’, or actually cared that there be a message there?

There was the obvious potential for violent rioting had Brexit votes not won, not to mention the still ongoing risk of putting the Good Friday agreement in jeopardy, and in so doing possibly risking reigniting what was a sad and terrible conflict in Ireland? The MP's that instigated the whole thing certainly cared not if their actions could so easily reignite conflict and bloodshed in Ireland.


Also, was that not a sad exhibition by the Brexit party at the opening ceremony of the 2019 EU parliament? How far out on the right was that? It was a shameful reminder to the past, the only thing lacking were Brown Shirts. This was followed by their leader’s trip across the pond in an attempt to polish to a shining brilliance the then right wing president.

How much of the high price food imports, the shortage of employees, the shortage of health workers, how much of the suffering of Ordinary People in the UK is now seen as self-inflicted?

Unfortunately many did not vote. Why? Because ‘Remain’ was felt to be a foregone conclusion!                                                                            

So many of us want our EU identity back now! And not after some time consuming period. We feel no pleasure in living under a government that is blatantly dishonest. For a future world, Our Word has to be Our Bond! And we should not want anything less representing us.                                                   

We are what we vote for, and we knew exactly what we were voting for!                                         


As a reminder, this is not political in any way or form, other than at this very important moment in time to use Politics or anything else to possibly expand the mind above and beyond anything that encloses it, be it Politics or anything else that corrals and manipulates the mind and the emotional reactions it can stimulate.                          

But thank you for putting up questions that hopefully we can make full use of, because there is now an urgent need to make use of whatever is going on in our now small world, in an attempt to touch upon fact and clarity of vision beyond the enclosure of opinion.

The word Democracy should mean freedom, freedom to tell the unbendable truth, and not a licence to deal in lies.


So to see if we together can expand the mind beyond the question, to answer the question put forward?

Before answering the question we may need to be reminded. We are here as individuals, to together unfold what spiritual intelligence in actual fact is. And perhaps we are seeing now the importance to speak in a direct manner. Because the future of our now small world may well be at stake!

So what we are putting forward now may well help us to begin together to answer the problems we have created? And if at times it puts a mirror up, and in so doing it touches a nerve, ending embrace it! It could well be a truth that leads us towards freedom.   



A label of convenience. A metaphoric description.

Looking at a bigger picture we may see being part of a united Europe as a stepping stone towards a united world, one world consciousness, meaning a mind expanding beyond that in which it is enclosed within, and so seeing as a fact that Nationalism has served its purpose in making the world a small place. So bringing about a mind evolving and expanding beyond the sensations of Nationalism and all things Tribal that corrals and encloses the mind and as such brings about conflict. And so with actual spiritual intelligence it all should now be seen as becoming obsolete and therefore touching the mind in a much lighter manner. A part of, but apart from! Bringing about the unfolding of a world at peace, a world where one language is foremost, a world where - human beings become human! and the open hearted helping and benefiting one another at every place and everywhere in our world and consequently all other life forms!


Although nobody is saying the E.U is perfect one can only make changes by being on the inside. And it is very important indeed to bear in mind. There has not been a war among member countries since it was brought into being!                                                                                                  

If we take note of the many varying conflicts that are taking place at this moment in the world.                                                                                                                                                           We may begin to see clearly the terrible problems caused by the enclosing grooming, conditioning and glorifying attachment en mass to our labelled pasts. Often for the manipulated masses a painful cruel past? A past still being drop kicked into the future, by whom? Is still causing now terrible conflicts and suffering in the world?                                            

How individual are we? or do we only think we are?

We may find it better to be part of everything than to be just part of something?

Pollution of the mind is Pollution of the planet?

Surely now with urgency is the time that we must expand awareness beyond the Tribal Mind, a mind that with the pride of conditioned intelligence can proudly compete to invent weapons that can destroy the world at the push of a button?

Should we not now be looking to have a world that makes full and proper use of Electronic Intelligence, administered with the straight line innocence and the creativity of clean hands?


An expansion of conscious awareness beyond war, conflict, and manipulation. The making sure that no part of humanity has that terrible need to seek refuge because of power mongering, wars and famine, but having the basic needs of water, food, shelter and health care towards the comfort to evolve and so to expand into actual spiritual intelligence and therefore be of true benefit to a world within which we have well and truly taken and abused far more than our fare share of space.


Need before greed! Not greed exploiting need!


Do we have any other option? Apart from destroying one another?


As a foot note:

We have been trying to get this up as quickly as possible after the pandemic with a technical skill shortage, but we will try to get the next pages up as quickly as we can.

If we do see the need, the truth, the urgency in what we are writing here can we please help without hesitation to get it out there, out to the far flung corners? And please feel free to send in questions and points of view.

Comment sent in:

Speaking on behalf of all the Young Minds of the older generation who experienced those unforgettable moments of euphoria of The First Movement in the 60s, one can only say this; the breakthrough then was a celebration of what we should be unfolding now, the expanding into the actual Age of Aquarius. Those of my generation who voted Brexit must have been there in body but possibly not there in spirit, or they have forgotten the true significance of that moment in time and need to clean the dust from their eyes, to look  back with clarity and put wrongs right?

An Old Remainer.

Know yourself beyond yourself

    (To see or not to see! That really is the question!.)

 Question: Is not the name Casa Mayor a Label?

Sorry thought we had already explained.

 As said Casa Mayor is a place that will belong to the world, there for us all to question, add to and refer to, for those that wish to make use of it. And those of us that do see the need will make sure it continues to be looked after into an endless future.

To answer the label question and give more clarity; Casa Mayor is the name of a Finca, a Farm, and for over 200 years it has been called Casa Mayor, it’s the address name. This has little to do spirituality.                                                                    

All that being said, hopefully Casa Mayor will be there to help us to see as individuals, those of us interested to expand into a spirituality that does not and will not need to be defended, a spirituality that supports itself on the backwash of truth, and has no dependency either on a label or the past.

Done by way of a humorous analogy of its background past & present!

Casa Mayor is a free range Farm of spiritual unfoldment, a Farm for laying free range Eco Friendly Spiritual Eggs. It is here to hopefully help to bring a more varied and expanded diet and perhaps a bit of fresh air and sunlight to the factory produced eggs. Therefore, it may possibly help us replace the “We are this and they are that!” with, “We are all!” and, “We are all here as individuals to unfold to the fact that we are one another”, which we may find we need to do.

Casa Mayor was put into place, and will hopefully always be left in place symbolizing the idea of “A World Becoming At One With Itself!”           

( Apart of But Apart From!)


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