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As a prelude to the second page, we have had questions re  Casa Mayor being brought into the world to remain always as an un labelled beacon for the unfoldment of spiritual intelligence by touching upon what we may or may not find to be the impediments to spiritual intelligence or clarity of vision, put into place for all who wish to use .                                                                                                                       

The question being. Then why would Casa Mayor inaugurate The Sunburst Revolution?.                          

The question leaves a need felt to say this that Casa Mayor does stand alone, put into existence to be left to the world for the world!, and at the moment has everything to do with The Sunburst Revolution but is not The Sunburst Revolution.                                                                                  

Reminder the only motive behind Casa mayor is in the hope to help bring about a United World Peace on the backwash of the unfolding of a mind at peace!,  by us each together touching upon a bedrock of truth as to what Spiritual Intelligence in actual fact is, without any psychological  trimmings from the past to the future. And as such Casa Mayor must stand alone without a hierarchy or rank other than for practical and administration purposes.

Below are two true stories that may or may not help enable us to touch upon what may be seen as one of the solid motives behind Casa Mayor and may help us to see the expansion in vision and therefore as to why Casa Mayor was brought into existence.    

So with gratitude and sympathetic understanding. And hopefully by way of a fruitful analogy.                 The first story.                                                                                                                                            

A friend who having been Ordained into a religion for over 40 years, on being asked the question on its need, Ordination that is, went on to tell of the trials the time and the rigors that a novice applicant would go through before being felt ready to be accepted into that important inner circle, the time scale could run into years!. And went on to say that when the novice was felt and deemed to be ready,  A special religious ceremony was held in which his or her name was changed to a very ancient name from a very ancient  place. And at last the novice would become part of the exclusive inner circle, and that the affect the ceremony had on the applicant was so deeply and profoundly spiritual and moving that the freshly Ordained member of the inner circle was not capable of carrying out his daily duties and had to be given a week’s rest.

The second story.                                                                                                                                An old friend when young and in his teens had the one ambition in life which was to own a Rolls Royce car. On reaching the age of 40 he achieved that ambition and had his Rolls Royce car delivered to his then up market home, on seeing the Rolls Royce car in the drive, he found he could only walk around it and look at it and could not bring himself to get in it, and did not feel fit to go to his place of business ,he had waited so long, then after three days of looking and loving it he finally got in it and drove it, and after a couple of weeks was acclimatized.

Are these two stories not the same story painted a different colours, the same energy?, are they both not about the same. (The Gratification of Lusting?)                                                                                              

Could this not be an example of the difference between, (Looking and Seeing?)

We may find, in reality there is not a spiritual path. But we have hopefully been quietly together walking around in the mind?.                                                             

Is spiritual intelligence a head full of book and a heart full of self importance?.                                         Or is it the actual intelligence that cannot be accumulated or measured or held in the memory.                                                                                                        

The importance of not being important, and so being important?.                                                                                                                                

So when we talk about spiritual intelligence are we not speaking about the essence of  intelligence, actual intelligence? The intelligence that is permanent unguarded and self supporting the intelligence we do take with us when we go??.                                                                         

Use as a reminder The Aquarius pages, the 4 cylinder analogy the heart as being the monitor?.


Surely if we do see a truth in what we speak about, its not for the memory but it is to allow something to fall away on the backwash of truth? we may need to read three or four times for the penny to drop and work the mechanics, but spiritual intelligence is not accumulative?, it is not for the posing?, it supports itself and does not need to be defended, and cannot be measured. But sometimes in the still of the night we may say “Oh it was that that unlocked the door of cell enclosing my mind?”.                  

Casa mayor may well need to be taken care of? If Casa Mayor has been of benefit, be of benefit to Casa Mayor!                                                                             



But what we are proposing is to help try to bring about world wide citizenship and so to help try to bring the second movement into being by using the 1960s, first movement rehearsal for this moment in time as a focal point for young minds world wide, Simply because it wasn’t exactly balanced but was joyous,  The Colours, The Flower Power?, The Peace and Love, Make Love not War!, etc .In other words we are suggesting using the 1960s shift in consciousness as the symbolic focal point for young minds.                                     

A young mind is most certainly not solely the mind of a young person!                               

If we know about natural relaxation, we will know about tension,

but if we only know tension, we will never know about relaxation.

We are here to be happy - a happiness that is not dependant on a state of animal excitement.

The Importance of laughter

Laughter is Freeing from Fanaticism?

In the news, there was a case in India where a man was physically attacked for making a joke about a Deity.           In another very sad case, a young lady of 17 years was murdered for wearing jeans on the day of a religious festival.                                                                      


Often we have to laugh, and should see laughter as being important to assist in the growth beyond oneself, and seeing the importance of not being important. However, laughter should never be used to wilfully cause pain, suffering or to be cruel! But there is immense value in laughter!                                                                                                                                                          Is it not so that laughter can be that tremendous energy that so often gives freedom, freeing by unlocking and liberating us from our past conditioning? Or that painful experience which we have pushed down and locked away in some dark corner of our mind, which laughter then at last gives it its freedom to come up to the surface in a manner that gives us the release from that tension locked so long within, with tears of joy and laughter? At last!                                                                                                             

It is, we may find, an important reminder that laughter, because it can bring about that liberation from our past emotional lockdowns, is not in fact an emotion!                                                                                                         But laughter can be the very spiritual tool that can liberate and give us freedom from emotion.                                       

We cannot hate our way into heaven but laughter may well help us to clear the rubbish away that blocks the path.                Hatred and arrogance creates the ‘Them & Us’ mindset.                                                                

Laughter can be the release from past psychological enclosures taken too seriously. It can, as we have said, release a past fear we have kept locked down in a dark corner of the mind!                                                                                              

It can help put the mind back on its one true path after being conditioned down both sides of a created fork in the road, one fork being the image to portray one’s self as and the other our real self.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

So when one reads about someone being attacked for making a joke about what are symbolic Deities, or being castigated for portraying Buddha with a pair of earphones, one can rest assured at that level of consciousness those Deities themselves would have enjoyed the joke and enjoyed the laughter and the Buddha most certainly would have.                       

Do we not attack to defend what we have been made psychologically dependent upon?                                                                          

Being childish and being childlike are two totally different states of consciousness!                                                                        

There are at Casa Mayor statues and symbols from as many different religions that stage by stage could be afforded, they are there mainly to symbolize the importance of, with sympathetic understanding, the merging of all religions and politics into the one spiritual intelligence and so, together, are symbolic of a world at peace! The motto is ‘The World at One with Itself’.                                                                                                                                                       

They are there for three basic reasons. One is that they are decorative enough to still and stimulate the mind, which brings in therefore the second reason, which is to remind us to look within and watch our minds and so with self honesty, to know finally the motives behind our mind’s reactions in the world and so to allow unfoldment and expansion to take place.                                                                                                                        

And so the answer to the question of laughter is that it is we/us that have created the raw materials we use to create value and enjoy symbolic spiritual art. It is all there to be used and enjoyed, but not for it to use us.                                                                                                          

Spiritual art is there to help us to spiritually evolve beyond those states of superstition, fear and excitement, those first three cylinders that are so often cashed in upon.                                                                                                                   They are all there if need be to help move us in the direction of freedom, the move towards our own personal psychological liberation, even if there be the need to urinate on them in order to unlock the mind within from conditioned superstition. So, with courage and gratitude, we feel liberation can be achieved. That is not to say that we would do that unless there is that need to bring about freedom from a conditioned mind.

Think on this! How many of our labelled Spiritual and Political organizations have, and still do, justify and give birth to acts of gross cruelty and violence beyond that which any creature in the animal realm could ever possibly dream up? Often the motive of followers is being told we will get a place in heaven.

(Superior Intelligence far beyond animal intelligence? Or encouraged gross abuse of what should be superior intelligence?)                                                   

For many of us, our projections unexpanded beyond those first three cylinders could well be at a very heavy cost to our own individual spiritual unfoldment and final liberation.

And if we are conditioned to believe we are attacking to defend the truth, well, as we have said and as a reminder, the truth defends itself and is dependent upon itself. It does not need for us to run to its defence, else it is not the truth. It is a fantasy that we have become conditioned to be psychologically dependent on.

So what we are talking about here is a mind expanding beyond the compelling pull and push of those first three cylinders and therefore is of a nature that labels and paints nature’s enclosures in some kind of heavenly mystique.                                                                                      Delusions on mass?                                                                     Without negating nature and its pleasures and its beauty.  

So Laughter! Had Charlie Chaplin had made his film ‘The Great Dictator!’ 5 years earlier than he did, there might not have been a Second World War!

Even just after the war, and even perhaps now, there are probably still intellectuals calling the Dictator ”A  Lunatic Genius” simply because he told the vulnerable people they were different and extra special; spat, sprayed, ranted and raved, threw his arms left right and centre and whipped his followers all up together into a stiff cream of collective frenzy and everybody believed just what they wanted to believe, perhaps including even those intellectuals who, after the event, called him a genius, maybe in an attempt to justify their own vulnerability. This is all part of creating the dark energy of mob consciousness for the gratification of a Power Fanatic, making use of the cruelty of scapegoating to commit gross acts of genocide.  When is Intelligence not intelligence?                                                                                                     

Should we not all ask ourselves “Is the organization I am part of, be it Religious or Political, capable of giving birth to that level of fanaticism?”                                                   

Had he in the 1930s done his same routine naked, the outcome also would have been very different and much more enjoyable worldwide, with each ejaculation followed by the uniformed Chorus Line leaping to their feet with their staccato two word chant whilst throwing one arm in the air!      Give it a go! Fall about!                                                                                                                  “Hilarious stuff!”                                                                                                                                                       “That’s Entertainment!”        


So, be it politics or religion, let us within our individual selves begin to bring conflict to an end! Because if we do not, the dark energy of conflict will remain below the surface within our collectives.                                                                                                       

And if we believe all this has nothing to do with climate change, we may, as we continue together to unfold this thing, be finding we are very much mistaken! The human mind can create terrible destruction!

Is it the mind beyond the manipulation of the masses? Or is it the mind helping the masses to manipulate themselves?                                                                 

Let us unfold to see that need to have a generous worldwide mind beyond being enclosed in the corruption of ignorance.                                                      

                        The world at one with itself!                                                                                         

From the individual through to the collective, the inferiority complex and the superiority complex, are they not the same thing? Why on earth would we want to feel superior?                                                             

                           You have to have a laugh!

When we have been made to laugh, does it not often give a moment of freedom from the past, an interruption that may even become permanent?                                                                  

As always, what is written is completely harmless but, if it does touch a nerve end, then the cap may well fit. If we do see it, let us never be clever with it! It all dismantles itself on the backwash of truth.                                                                                    

Do we not need to be aware there is no difference between all peoples of the world apart from various shades of Melanin and the different levels of conscious awareness that lay within all of our over defended nesting zones?

If cold weather is the mother of the inventive mind, does lack of spiritual intelligence bring about the abuse of invention?

So, bearing that in mind , when somebody offers us a gross shovel full of their heavy verbal dung, should we not say “Sorry, that belongs to you, I don’t want it?“ and use it as its psychological Homeopathic value to clear the mind of self importance?  It’s a perfect world – let us use it as such.                                                                             

It is the perpetrator that really needs the sympathy.

When a field of sport creates mob consciousness to the degree of it being a substitute for war, there is something wrong as has never been before. These are games that have become big business. It’s a game!!! The players are not soldiers returning from battle, when almost a complete town stands for hours to welcome the troops! Surely we should  enjoy the game but touch it lightly. Because the energy it is creating is the energy of the world and if the energy is gross it is part of the world where there is a terrible war going on. Look within! 

If, with clarity, we see what is being written as getting to the truth that lay beyond the analytical mind, then we will see there is a powerful need to get it out there.

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