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As a prelude to the second page, we have had questions re  Casa Mayor being brought into the world to remain always as an un labelled beacon for the unfoldment of spiritual intelligence by touching upon what we may or may not find to be the impediments to spiritual intelligence or clarity of vision, put into place for all who wish to use .                                                                                                                       

The question being. Then why would Casa Mayor inaugurate The Sunburst Revolution?.                          

The question leaves a need felt to say this that Casa Mayor does stand alone, put into existence to be left to the world for the world!, and at the moment has everything to do with The Sunburst Revolution but is not The Sunburst Revolution.                                                                                  

Reminder the only motive behind Casa mayor is in the hope to help bring about a United World Peace on the backwash of the unfolding of a mind at peace!,  by us each together touching upon a bedrock of truth as to what Spiritual Intelligence in actual fact is, without any psychological  trimmings from the past to the future. And as such Casa Mayor must stand alone without a hierarchy or rank other than for practical and administration purposes.

Below are two true stories that may or may not help enable us to touch upon what may be seen as one of the solid motives behind Casa Mayor and may help us to see the expansion in vision and therefore as to why Casa Mayor was brought into existence.    

So with gratitude and sympathetic understanding. And hopefully by way of a fruitful analogy.                 The first story.                                                                                                                                            

A friend who having been Ordained into a religion for over 40 years, on being asked the question on its need, Ordination that is, went on to tell of the trials the time and the rigors that a novice applicant would go through before being felt ready to be accepted into that important inner circle, the time scale could run into years!. And went on to say that when the novice was felt and deemed to be ready,  A special religious ceremony was held in which his or her name was changed to a very ancient name from a very ancient  place. And at last the novice would become part of the exclusive inner circle, and that the affect the ceremony had on the applicant was so deeply and profoundly spiritual and moving that the freshly Ordained member of the inner circle was not capable of carrying out his daily duties and had to be given a week’s rest.

The second story.                                                                                                                                An old friend when young and in his teens had the one ambition in life which was to own a Rolls Royce car. On reaching the age of 40 he achieved that ambition and had his Rolls Royce car delivered to his then up market home, on seeing the Rolls Royce car in the drive, he found he could only walk around it and look at it and could not bring himself to get in it, and did not feel fit to go to his place of business ,he had waited so long, then after three days of looking and loving it he finally got in it and drove it, and after a couple of weeks was acclimatized.

Are these two stories not the same story painted a different colours, the same energy?, are they both not about the same. (The Gratification of Lusting?)                                                                                              

Could this not be an example of the difference between, (Looking and Seeing?)

We may find, in reality there is not a spiritual path. But we have hopefully been quietly together walking around in the mind?.                                                             

Is spiritual intelligence a head full of book and a heart full of self importance?.                                         Or is it the actual intelligence that cannot be accumulated or measured or held in the memory.                                                                                                        

The importance of not being important, and so being important?.                                                                                                                                

So when we talk about spiritual intelligence are we not speaking about the essence of  intelligence, actual intelligence? The intelligence that is permanent unguarded and self supporting the intelligence we do take with us when we go??.                                                                         

Use as a reminder The Aquarius pages, the 4 cylinder analogy the heart as being the monitor?.


Surely if we do see a truth in what we speak about, its not for the memory but it is to allow something to fall away on the backwash of truth? we may need to read three or four times for the penny to drop and work the mechanics, but spiritual intelligence is not accumulative?, it is not for the posing?, it supports itself and does not need to be defended, and cannot be measured. But sometimes in the still of the night we may say “Oh it was that that unlocked the door of cell enclosing my mind?”.                  

Casa mayor may well need to be taken care of? If Casa Mayor has been of benefit, be of benefit to Casa Mayor!                                                                             



But what we are proposing is to help try to bring about world wide citizenship and so to help try to bring the second movement into being by using the 1960s, first movement rehearsal for this moment in time as a focal point for young minds world wide, Simply because it wasn’t exactly balanced but was joyous,  The Colours, The Flower Power?, The Peace and Love, Make Love not War!, etc .In other words we are suggesting using the 1960s shift in consciousness as the symbolic focal point for young minds.                                     

A young mind is most certainly not solely the mind of a young person!                               

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